Our Vision

The Mediterranean Sea for thousands of years nourishes, connects, shelters its people. The favorable climate and geography have distinct importance to the way people lead a life by the Big Sea. The warm welcoming, the long Sunday lunches, the way to connect and share food, thoughts, laughs, dance, and even bittersweet moments of life. The Mediterranean is a street life, midday naps, shimmering beaches, cool breezes, emerald waters, sunbathed patios, after-work drinks. Where wine is considered food and it perfectly complements tapas, aperitif, and mezes.

We profoundly believe, the Mediterranean is not just a geographical region; it can be carried within no matter where you are.

Meditaste is created from the passion that we carry from our motherland.
Our nostos gave birth to this project to bridge our modern rhythm of life, with the essence of authentic living.

Who is Meditaste

Eleni Kinti

Eleni was born and raised in Greece. Studied winemaking and beverages technology in Athens. Before even she completed her studies she had already three harvests under her belt in Greece, France, and Spain and won the national scholarship to study in Bordeaux for her Master’s degree in Viticulture-Enology. She obtained her second Master’s degree in Italy in Enology and Marketing. Worked for more than a decade in production around the world, and the last five years she spent in R&D where she led the development of wine yeast strains. She is completing her Wset Diploma studies and she is a proud mother of one.

Criteria with which we choose our suppliers

Working directly with producers

The wineries we work with are people we have a direct relationship with, we share values, knowledge, and goals. We love to support female winemakers.

Quality over anything else

We prioritize on quality products that respect our planet. Brands and financial status are not on our radar.